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North Korea debuts its own Netflix-like video-on-demand service

If the claims are true, the set-top box named Manbang would be a significant development in domestic North Korean television technology, given the limited availability of internet in the country. North Koreans who do smuggle in unauthorized mobile phones to access the global internet risk being sent to prison camps. Though somewhat shocking to those accustomed to thinking of dogs as companions or household pets, the zoo display may actually reflect an increasingly fond attitude toward dogs ...


George McCaskey Helps Break Up Practice Fight

After the starters allowed two sacks last week, the reserves came in and allowed five more, including a safety. "I think it's just the competitiveness", Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan said after Tuesday's practice. Bears rookie cornerback Deiondre' Hall defends a pass in the end zone during Thursday's 22-0 loss to Denver. The final development to watch for that would mark a giant step forward for the Bears after last week would be seeing Robbie Gould walk onto the field for an ...