How to get started with Amazon affiliates

Creating an Amazon Affiliate Account

1. Go to and sign up for an affiliate account here:
You can sign up with your regular email address and password.

2. Become an Amazon Associate Seller:

a. You will need to enter the name of the website or the blog that is being monetized. (I do not know if we can all enter the to open the account). If you have a different blog you work with, enter that name (It will not prevent you from creating links or stores on other sites and getting credit for those sales on this account).
b. Answer all the questions (Rocunited uses wordpress as a host and interface for the question, “how do you usually build links”).
c. Your account should be set up once you fill out these questions (you will need to enter information for a bank account in order to get paid the referral fees).

Creating Links

3. The Amazon Associates home page has 6 tabs. The first tab we will look at is links and banners. This is how we can link people to the book we are selling and track sales. There are a couple of ways we can link the book ‘Behind The Kitchen Door’.

We can do so as an inline text link like this. ‘Buy ‘Behind The Kitchen Door’ by Saru Jayaraman now.

Or we can do it as a graphic, like this

The graphic will look a lot better once the cover of the book is added onto Also, people who have an adblocker on their computers will not see the graphic. So I would recommend having both types of links in your post.

Notice that when you click on either link you are taken to the page for ‘Behind The Kitchen Door’. Look at the domain name, you will see that part of the domain includes the words “tag=offtheshe”. This is how knows that I sent you to the site. Any items that you buy on the site after clicking on my link will result in me getting a referral fee (I will discuss tracking later).

So how to link via inline text

1. Go to Links & Banners

2. Go to Product Links

3. Enter the Name of the Product

4. Right-click the name of the product you want and you will be taken to the page. Copy that domain name as it will have your tag in it and then just hyperlink any text you want to send your buyers to the page. It could be as simple as this:

If you want to buy Saru Jayaraman’s book ‘Behind The Kitchen Door’ to support ROC, click here.

5. NOTE: These links can be used in any medium. Facebook post. Email. On a blog. Tweet. Anytime you talk about and link the book, make sure to use your amazon affiliate link to the book.

How to create a widget graphic

1. This is even easier. Once you have go to product links and searched for the book, just click get link. Go to step 3 where it says ‘Highlight HTML’ and then copy that code.

2. Login to your blog and create a new post. You will likely have 2 options to enter it as visual or HTML. Make sure to click on the HTML tab and enter the code. Write whatever wonderful words you want to include with the post and then publish.

‘Behind The Kitchen Door’ by Saru Jayaraman is an excellent book that exposes the working conditions of those in the restaurant industry. To find out more of the shocking secrets that go on behind the kitchen door and to support ROC United please order a copy of the book below.Pre-orders are being accepted now!

 WOOT WOOT! So now you know how to create links! :) (If you are still having issues feel free to email or call me).

Now let’s start tracking those sales and meet our goals.

Every time someone clicks on your link Amazon records it. Every time someone makes purchases from your links, Amazon records it and so you can track your orders and earnings very easily. Look below from an example from my Amazon affiliate account. Click on the image to see it clearer.

As you can see this tracks my sales from August. However, you can change the parameters to track sales for whatever time period you want. Items shipped is the box that you will care most about because that is how you will know how many copies people have bought through your links. The more books you sell, the higher your referral fee cut. The amount of money you get for each sale is listed under advertising fees (that is the money you will get at the end of the month). Also notice, all the random books and items I got credit for. I did not link people to these items but because they did click one of my links for something I was referring, I got credit for everything else that they bought as well.

This way we can track our numbers per affiliate as best as possible and help to raise a little extra money for our offices as well. Please note that if you make over $600 from referral fees you will be sent a tax form from Amazon at the end of the year and the amount you earn will have to be included in your taxes.

Happy Selling! :)

P.S If you want to create a separate blog around the book and create an online bookstore for it you can as well. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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Books like Fifty Shades of Grey

by Jaimie Mancham-Case on April 1, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey was a great trilogy for those who love romance and want that guy who will love them more than the world. I found myself looking for books similar to Fifty Shades of Grey after I finished the trilogy because I wanted to read more about men like Christian who sweep their heroine’s off of their feet.

The first book that was recommended that I read was called:

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I had high hopes for this book as many people thought that Travis (the hero) was as compelling as Christian Grey was. While Travis was no Fifty, he was a somewhat compelling character. However, the relationship between he and Abby (Pigeon) was not the same as that between Fifty and Ana.

The love story in Beautiful Disaster annoyed me. I was annoyed by both Abby and Travis and wished that they could just get it together already. Also some of the storyline had me laughing out loud because it was so dramatic and unrealistic. I also didn’t like that everyone seemed to be okay with how much violence Travis inflicted on people. While I had issues with the plot and the characters in the book, I was swept into the story and came to love Travis. I stayed up all night reading just to see what happened. While this is no Fifty Shades of Grey, it is similar enough to the trilogy to make fans happy.

There are other books similar to Fifty Shades of Grey that have been recommended to me that I am going to try out next. They are:

1. Strangers by Barbara Elsborg.

2. Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn.

3. Thoughtless by S.C Stephens.

4. Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye.

If you know of any other great books that have a love story like Fifty Shades of Grey, please let me know!

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Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy: Who hates Mrs Robinson?

by Jaimie Mancham-Case on March 31, 2012

I recently read the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and was blown away. I have to admit that I had a hard time getting into the first book. I am not a fan of erotica, I don’t read it and I knew noting about BDSM before this book. The introduction of the ‘kinky fuckery’ made me put the book down in distaste and made me question myself and what I was reading.

And then a couple of days later, I found myself wondering, what happens to Ana and Christian? Why is Christian so messed up? Then I had to decide if I could bare to go back to the novel just to find out. And so I did. And it wasn’t so bad. The book is more a mainstream romance with some sex scenes thrown in, okay a lot of sex, maybe even too much sex. Definitely unbelievable. Maybe I am a bit of a prude but that was the biggest turn off in the trilogy for me.

I just wanted to read the love story. And yes, I agree with everyone else who sees the comparisons between Ana and Christian and Bella and Edward from the ‘Twilight’ series. In fact, the love story was my fav part of both series. I love a good romance story. I grew up on Mills and Boon and Harlequin (yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that) but it’s the truth. I am a hopeless romantic and what girl doesn’t want a guy like Fifty? Someone who changes for them? Someone who loves them til the end of time. Someone who can’t live without you.

There were many many problems that I had with the books. Ana’s acceptance of awful behavior by Fifty, the BDSM aspects (I don’t want to read about sadism, sorry), the control, and Mrs Robinson. I hated Mrs Robinson with a passion, and even in the last book, I wasn’t truly satisfied with how Fifty talked about her. But I guess I’m not Ana.

However, I would recommend the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy to anyone who enjoys a good romance novel or books like Twilight. You just can’t be too squeamish!

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Elose Arestil is a soft-spoken mother of 2 who came to America to live the American dream and to provide for her family. She raises her 17 year old son Sheldo by herself in Miami and took a job as a dishwasher at the Capital Grille in Brickell, Miami to support her family. Little did she know, that they would give her so much work, that even 3 people would be tired after completing it at the end of the day. She was also shocked that they would clock her out while she was still working, so that in effect, she was sometimes working for free. She didn’t understand why they made fun of her accent and the fact that she was from Haiti. She didn’t understand why the chef was mean to her and ignored her when she had a question. She didn’t understand why she would get shouted at so often. What sort of restaurant would do that to its employees? Surely not one that prided itself on its congenial and family like atmosphere.

Elose certainly didn’t understand why the Capital Grille treated her soo poorly even though she worked her hardest for them. And she certainly didn’t foresee that after getting injured on the job, she would be told that she was no longer needed. The Capital Grille did not pay for her medical bills, they did not call her with concern and send her a get-well soon card and flowers, they didn’t tell her to take time off and come back when she was recovered. They told her that she no longer had a job. And to add insult to injury, they then told unemployment that she left voluntarily and after one measly check for $172, Elose wasn’t able to get unemployment either. And did the Capital Grille care? No!

Elose’s story is just one of hundreds that can be heard from many different Capital Grille employees from all over the country. You can read more about our national campaign at the official campaign website. One of the workers featured on the site, is our very own Elose Arestil and you can watch a video of her here.

Many of us hear and read stories like Elose’s and shake our heads in disgust. However, now we need to do more than just shake our head. We need to support our workers and ourselves and work and fight for change.

The Restaurant Opportunities Center of Miami, also known as ROC-Miami, is a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of restaurant workers throughout the State of Florida. As one of 9 affiliates of ROC-United, we are part of a movement to change the lives of restaurant workers all over the country.

We are actively working on many different and positive campaigns and activities to help change the industry and have currently taken on industry leader Darden. We have found out, that Darden, the high profit corporation that owns Olive Garden, Capital Grille, Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze and more, has been discriminating against their employees and been engaging in many other illegal and disgusting behaviors, including but not limited to: wage theft, verbal abuse, firing people after they got hurt on the job, forcing people to come to work sick and not promoting people of color to the better paying jobs in the restaurant. We were disgusted to hear so many stories of blatant discrimination from workers all over the country that we knew that we had to get involved and help provide a voice for these workers so that they could speak out and change the policies that were so blatantly making their lives miseries.

If you want to support our Dignity at Darden campaign, please like our petition and share this story with as many people as possible. We want to make sure that all workers at Darden restaurants are treated with dignity and respect.

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Black Friday Webhost deals

November 24, 2011

Black Friday is a great day for people who want to start their own website or blog and need a host provider. Hostgator has some great specials going for the day that will blow you out of the water. I personally use hostgator as a host and have been happy with the service they provide. [...]

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Black Friday Amazon Kindle Deals

November 24, 2011

Black Friday is the one day a year that many people believe that they are truly getting a great deal for purchases from retailers. Prices are slashed and many products have huge discounts and coupons. This is great for consumers and retailers alike and hopefully this year will prove to be fruitful for all and [...]

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Angel’s Bend by L A Dale

November 20, 2011

‘Angel’s Bend’ by L.A. Dale is an interesting and fun read. I would rate the book 3 1/2 out of 5 stars but rounded up to 4 because I cannot give 1/2 ratings. The book tells the story of 17 year old Lacey, a girl, who has just moved to a new town to start [...]

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What is the Amazon Vine Program?

November 5, 2011

The Amazon Vine program is an invitation only group that members are selected to join to preview and review new items before they are released to the general market. Well, in most cases that is true. Sometimes the items have already been released and the manufacturer or publisher wants to get more reviews for [...]

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Big Mosey knows where the wild things are

September 30, 2011

Big Mosey is a Brooklyn based band that carries the embodiment of the raspy, alternative-rock music they create in their very essence. While the band is still up-and-coming, their music and presence is that of seasoned veterans; in that, they have the skills and talents required to perform a good show, lay down an awesome [...]

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Gospel For Teens

August 28, 2011

60 Minutes featured the great group in Harem ‘Gospel For Teens’ tonight and here is a great video of ‘Gospel For Teens’ performing. To read more about ‘Gospel For Teens’ click here.

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