Tom Cruise: Crazy in mind but still hot in the looks department!

by Jaimie Mancham-Case on June 8, 2010

Tom Cruise is still hot! Look at that photo from the MTV Movie Awards above. I remember having a crush on Tom Cruise when I was 9 years old. My friends and I in boarding school would talk about how we were going to marry him because he was so hot. And it actually really amazes me to see photos of him today because in the looks department he is still really hot. He doesn’t look like he has aged much at all.

That’s surprising to me because most actors get paunchy and uglier as they age but Tom Cruise has kept his delectable hot looks; well the body isn’t as trim, fit and tan as it may have been before but he is still a handsome man.

Now don’t get me wrong- I would never want to be involved with Tom Cruise. And not just because he is married to Katie Holmes, who I still love (‘Dawson’s Creek’ was awesome). He seems a little crazy to me; but maybe that’s because I don’t understand the Scientology thing.

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