‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack- his path to love and marriage

by Jaimie Mancham-Case on February 22, 2011

‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack had a second chance to find love and marriage on TV this season. And by all accounts, he decided to propose to someone and fell in love. However, most audience members are not really sure who he ended up with, as he seems to have a real connection with all 3 women who are left on the show: Emily Maynard, Ashley and Chantal O’. There are of course rumors as to who he chooses, but I think reading spoilers takes away from the joy of the show.

There are only a few weeks left in the show but I have decided to congregate all of my article’s on ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack and provide links to them all here so that fans of the show can relive his path to love and marriage. I will update the page with all my articles, so it will also include information on who Brad Womack chooses to propose to and marry. And what happens after the show.

All The Articles About ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack

1. Is Brad ‘The Bachelor’ going to find true love this season?

2. Brad Womack, ‘The Bachelor’ is very much in love.

3. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack has a bevy of crazy women in his midst

4. Photos of ‘The Bachelor’ and his women at the beginning

5. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack and Michelle: What’s the real deal?

6. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad falls in love with Chantal O’.

7. ‘The Bachelor’ keeps fans guessing by giving Michelle Money a rose

8. Brad Womack loves proposing now

9. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack should not choose Emily Maynard

10. Brad Womack says he is broke and didn’t propose to his ex-gf

11. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack breaks the rule for Emily Maynard

12. Photos of Brad Womack and his favorite women

13. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack makes all the girls cry

14. Brad Womack doesn’t really have a connection with Shawntel N.

15. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack gets marriage permission from Chantal O’s dad.

16. See Photos from ‘The Bachelor’ season here

17. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad confuses French and Spanish with Ashley

18. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack is not dying to be with Shawntel

19. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack and Emily Maynard have a family date

20. ‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack sends Ashley home after an awkward date

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bella March 5, 2011 at 12:18 pm

I hope he chooses emily!!! They are right for each other!!!

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